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  • How To Treat And Prevent Tooth Sensitivity

    Your teeth can be a cause for great pride, great frustration and great sensitivity. The overconsumption of certain foods, poor oral care habits and other genetic factors can influence how sensitive our teeth are to certain textures and certain temperatures. Tooth sensitivity can make eating and drinking, even daily life, quite unpleasant if not add...

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  • How To Lose Your Fear Of The Dentist

    For some people, a trip to the dentist can be incredibly nerve wracking, even panic attack inducing. The thought of helplessness, or the dread factor, can make people avoid the dentist, and even develop phobias of them. If you, or perhaps your children, are having a hard time going to the dentist because you are overly fearful of the experience, be...

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  • The Warning Signs Of Gum Disease And What To Do

    Your body's immune system is responsible for helping to fight off infections and bacteria. You would be surprised just how big a part your mouth and oral health plays in promoting and maintaining a healthy immune system. If you are wondering if you might have gum disease, or think you are displaying the early warning signs, below are five such warn...

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