• The Benefits Of Straight Teeth For Kids
    December 15, 2016
    The Benefits Of Straight Teeth For Kids

    There are many benefits of having straight teeth no matter how old you are. However, having straight teeth when you’re young can play a crucial role in development. Whether your child has an overbite, underbite, a gap between their two front teeth, or one or two teeth that are longer than the others, below are few of the benefits of having straight teeth.

    Better for their self-esteem

    Many children suffer from poor self-esteem caused by their teeth. When kids don’t have straight teeth, they may be less inclined to smile with their teeth in photos, or will fear they’ll be mocked. When kids have symmetrical teeth, it’s a great boost to their confidence.

    Easier to clean

    An uneven bite is harder to clean than one that is straight. If your child’s teeth are crowded or crooked, keeping them clean could be an issue. When a child’s teeth are in their proper place, daily activities like flossing and brushing are a breeze. When the teeth are uneven, it’s hard to get between them to remove plaque and food particles which could turn into cavities, tooth decay and gum disease.

    Make talking and eating easier

    The placement of our teeth and how our tongue moves among them are what help us to speak. When the teeth are crooked or crowded, children may develop a lisp or speaking problems. Furthermore, a misaligned mouth can lead to more wear and tear on certain teeth when chewing. An uneven pout can also create sensitivity to hot or cold foods.

    Less likely to chip

    Kids play sports and although they may wear protective gear, children with misaligned teeth are more likely to chip them. Why? Because teeth that protrude or are longer than the others may stick out enough to get chipped. Moreover, kids could trip and fall in the schoolyard leading to more problems. Also, if your child plays contact sports, it’s important to ensure that they wear a mouthguard. Children with uneven teeth may experience issues with being fitted for a mouthguard due to their misaligned tooth placement.

    If you see your dentist about straightening your child’s teeth when they’re young, you’ll save them the misery of having to deal with an uneven smile when they’re older. Plus, you’ll save money by taking care of your kids’ dental issues sooner rather than later.