• baseball mouth guard

    Do you have fears of your child getting hurt during sports? Missing and broken teeth, cheek and lip injuries, jaw fractures or other facial injuries? Does your child wear a mouth guard? Your child can avoid many of these sports injuries just by wearing a proper mouth guard. Since spring is here, your children will definitely want to enjoy organize...

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  • Did you know that even in ancient times, people wanted to improve the look and function of their smiles? We think of modern orthodontic appliances as efficient, sleep, and technologically sophisticated, but this wasn't always so! Check out our highlights of the evolution of braces below. Ancient Greece & Rome Aristotle and Hippocrates, between 4...

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  • Dentist putting Invisalign on a patient

    I want to straighten my teeth with Invisalign, but it is quite expensive. Why is it so expensive and is there a cheaper alternative to Invisalign? Cost is a significant factor for many people when deciding on an orthodontic treatment. It's important to know that Invisalign is available only through trained and certified professionals. Orthodonti...

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