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    Many children and adults are often afraid and confused when visiting the orthodontic office because of the unfamiliar orthodontic appliances we use. Getting to know the tools and how they help will ease your mind. In this article, we will introduce to you the devices we use to adjust the jaws. This specialization for jaw correction is called dentof...

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  • Crooked teeth and uneven bites are easy to spot as signs of more serious orthodontic problems. The earlier you spot these signs, the easier it is to correct and treat the issues. Although orthodontic intervention can help at any age, correcting improper bites becomes more difficult once facial development is complete. That's why it's important to k...

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  • How Does Malocclusion Affect Speech

    Our overall oral health and tooth positioning play a vital role in everything from chewing to speech. When we suffer from dental issues, we may have a hard time performing everyday activities like eating and talking. Malocclusion is a common dental issue that affects many people (especially children) and leads to speech impediments and pronunciatio...

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