• Problems with the placements teeth and jaws are best addressed by going for orthodontics in Spruce Grove that guarantees an improved appearance and a healthier mouth. The wellbeing of our oral health is important, and everyone has the mandate of ensuring they have nothing but the best care of their teeth, gums, and mouth. In general, the expectati...

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  • orthodontic appliances

    Many children and adults are often afraid and confused when visiting the orthodontic office because of the unfamiliar orthodontic appliances we use. Getting to know the tools and how they help will ease your mind. In this article, we will introduce to you the devices we use to adjust the jaws. This specialization for jaw correction is called dentof...

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  • baseball mouth guard

    Do you have fears of your child getting hurt during sports? Missing and broken teeth, cheek and lip injuries, jaw fractures or other facial injuries? Does your child wear a mouth guard? Your child can avoid many of these sports injuries just by wearing a proper mouth guard. Since spring is here, your children will definitely want to enjoy organize...

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