• September 23, 2019
    How to Keep your Beautiful Smile in Check

    A beautiful smile doesn’t just make one appear friendly, it also enables them connect with others and feel good about themselves. According to a Spruce Grove dentist, a healthy smile gives one the confidence to smile proudly and be themselves without hiding.

    As much as people would hate to admit it, the way we dress and look can dramatically affect several aspects of our lives, from our friendships to career and even the relationships we have with others. And of course our smile is part of our outlook. That’s why it is vital to protect it at all cost and ensure that it’s always at its best.

    In a bid to help you maintain your beautiful smile, we spoke to a Spruce Grove dentist and here were some of his insights regarding how to keep your beautiful smile in check.

    Create and stick to a daily health routine

    Depending on what you and your dentist have discussed in your meeting, come up with a daily oral health plan that is easy to follow. Your plan may include additional instruction and care if you have special conditions like diabetes and pregnancy. Once you have a routine in place, be sure to stick to it to the latter for the best results.

    Do not forget your tongue

    Use a tongue cleaner to get rid of excess build-up in your mouth. If left put, this accumulation can spread and adhere to the teeth leading a whole load of problems.

    Keep the mouthwash handy

    Mouthwash helps clear the bacteria that stick around your mouth after cleaning. Find one containing chlorine dioxide as its effectiveness in killing unhealthy and unwanted bacteria without harming the good ones.

    Integrate balanced meals into your diet

    If you are like most people, you likely snack in between meals – and that is alright. However, it is only problematic when your snacks have lots of starches and sugars (like candies, pies, cakes, cookies, soft drinks, raisins, dried fruits, potato chips and so on). In addition to not adding any value to your health, these foods also generate more acids in your mouth that d fuel the decay process. You should instead go for whole foods with more nutritional value.

    Stop smoking

    If you happen to smoke cigarettes, now might be the best time to quit. Tobacco not only increases your risk of getting oral cancer and cancers of the pharynx, larynx, and oesophagus, it also is the leading culprit for tooth discoloration, bad breath and other oral and general health problems.

    Keep a keen eye on your mouth

    It is easy to stick to the daily routine and do every other thing right but forget about examining your mouth from time to time. Unfortunately, dental and oral health problems do not just happen overnight. They are usually gradual and only become evident when the problem is widespread. Examining your mouth regularly can help you spot any issue before it is too late.

    Brush and floss

    You probably know this, but we’ll tell you anyway. You should brush twice and floss at least once every day to get rid of any food and bacteria build-ups that may affect your smile.


    Maintaining a beautiful smile all boils down to how you take care of your teeth. Following the above mentioned tips is a great way to ensure a healthy smile, but you should never forget to get your bi-annual check-ups.