• April 1, 2017
    Is there a problem with my bite?

    Crooked teeth and uneven bites are easy to spot as signs of more serious orthodontic problems. The earlier you spot these signs, the easier it is to correct and treat the issues. Although orthodontic intervention can help at any age, correcting improper bites becomes more difficult once facial development is complete. That’s why it’s important to keep an eye on your child’s development at an early age.

    To help you keep an eye out, we’ve come up with a list of common signs for bite problems:

    Physical appearance

    • Teeth are crooked, crowded, overlapped, misshaped, and misplaced
    • Extra teeth
    • Upper and lower teeth don’t align
    • Uneven facial structure
    • Overbite, the upper teeth is more than 5mm over the lower teeth
    • Underbite, the upper front teeth is tucked behind the lower teeth
    • Crossbite, teeth grow slanted to the inside or outside
    • Teeth wearing unevenly
    • Early growth of baby teeth
    • Jaw sticks in or out too much

    When biting or chewing

    • Jaw shifts away from the center when you chew or bite
    • Jaw joints click
    • Hard time chewing or biting
    • Upper front teeth cover more than twenty-five percent of the lower teeth
    • Jaw pains

    Other behaviours

    • Hard time enunciating or speaking
    • Oral sucking habits, such as sucking the thumb or fingers
    • Teeth grinding or clenching
    • Constant biting of the inner cheek or roof of the mouth
    • Constant breathing through the mouth

    Have one or more of these signs? It may mean you are having issues with your bite and require further orthodontic care. Contact us to address these problems so you can have a brighter and happier smile.