• baseball mouth guard
    April 1, 2018
    Mouth Guard for Sports

    Do you have fears of your child getting hurt during sports? Missing and broken teeth, cheek and lip injuries, jaw fractures or other facial injuries? Does your child wear a mouth guard?

    Your child can avoid many of these sports injuries just by wearing a proper mouth guard. Since spring is here, your children will definitely want to enjoy organized outdoor sports. Here are some tips for preventing injuries.

    Ways to Prevent Sports Injuries

    • Stretch before and after your activity
    • Protect your head with a helmet
    • Use protective eye wear
    • Be aware of your surroundings (spectators too)
    • Wear a mouth guard to protect your jaws and teeth

    For those wearing braces, you do not want mouth guards that custom form to your teeth. Your orthodontic treatment is designed to allow your teeth to move and straig

    hten over time. Wearing mouth guards that custom form to your teeth prevents them from moving.

    If your child’s got a mouth guard from last year, make sure you take it in to see if they still fit. Your child’s jaw is growing so you may need to get a new one. Call us to get a new custom fit mouth guard.


    Benefits of a Mouth Guard

    The benefits of a custom fit mouth guards are:

    • Provides you with the most comfort and protection
    • Absorbs shock and covers all teeth
    • Does not interfere with breathing or speaking
    • Can be adjusted for all sorts of sports

    Give Garden Dental a call today if you have any questions about mouth guards.