• December 7, 2019
    The 5 Stages of Wisdom Teeth Surgery Recovery and What to Expect

    Wisdom teeth are four teeth in the adult mouth that very likely need removal. If you are a candidate for wisdom teeth removal, it requires surgery which involves being put to sleep followed by the extraction of your wisdom teeth. There is a recovery period, however, and it will come with resources that take around two weeks in order for your mouth to fully recover.

    For your recovery, your gums will be stitched up, and you should also be given prescription mouth rinse, ice packs, prescription pain medicine, cotton or foam swabs, gauze and other supplies to help treat your side effects. Here is what to expect across all stages of recovery.

    First 24 Hours

    Up to 24 hours after your dental extraction, your mouth would feel swollen and the corners of your mouth will continue to bleed. In the first several hours, you’ll end up keeping cotton or foam inside your mouth, which can completely fill up with blood in just half an hour. You would also still feel the effects of propofol or other drug that would put you to sleep, you will not have much energy to do anything but sleep or rest on a sofa. Everyone’s experience is different, however, so while some patients will feel like sleeping all day, others will have the energy to move about or even live life as normal. We recommend to get all the rest as needed.

    Days Two Through Four

    On the second, third, or fourth day, the swelling in your mouth should go down, and the bleeding will reduce if not stop entirely at this point. As you feel your face returning to its normal size, you will still feel points of stiffness, as if a rock were to get lodged inside your jaw. Parts of your mouth should also look discolored, but that is part of the recovery process from your face swelling. The effects of the drugs during the surgery should wear off, which means you’ll start to feel pain inside your mouth. If you take your prescription medicine as scheduled, you should feel fine for the remainder of the day, but the pain will return once you wake up the next day.

    Day Seven

    After one week, the areas inside your mouth should close up and heel. If you have dissolvable stitches, they should no longer be in your mouth. If your stitches are not dissolvable, you will need to visit your specialist to have them removed. At this point, your face should improve and the pain should be reduced. One this to watch out for, though, is that food can still get trapped inside the areas where your wisdom teeth used to be. Be sure to use toothpicks after every meal and your mouth rinse at night to ensure any food particles do not get stuck.

    Day Ten

    After the tenth day, your face and jaw should feel softer and the pain in your mouth should be gone by now. Apart from any discoloration that is still on your face, you should be almost fully healed from your wisdom teeth extractions.

    Day Fourteen

    After two weeks, your face should look fine and the discoloration should completely vanish.

    Of course, not everyone will recover in the same time frame, so this is what you should most expect following your surgery.