• Strong and Healthy
    July 30, 2019
    Tips You Must Use To Keep Your Teeth Strong and Healthy

    Dentists play a critical role in helping patients restore their oral health. However, according to some Spruce Grove doctors taking new patients, dental health can be upheld with some good practices.

    Dental issues can subject you to excruciating pain and a lot of discomforts. Some of the dental problems which may subject you to pain or discomfort include;

    • Gum diseases (Periodontal disease)
    • Cavities
    • Oral cancer
    • Bad breath or halitosis
    • Mouth sores
    • Tooth erosion
    • Tooth sensitivity
    • Dental emergencies and toothaches

    Spruce grove doctors taking new patients noted that poor dental habits are primarily to blame for these issues. They are therefore advising you on what to do to ensure that your dental situation is free from pain, discomforts, and embarrassing moments.

    Visit a dental practitioner often

    Most dental problems are problems that start slow. By the time you complain of that sharp pain, it means that the problem is most likely at an advanced stage. This may be as a result of poor brushing techniques, over-consuming foods rich in acids, and many more reasons. You are strongly advised to visit your dental practitioner every six months whether or not you have an issue. This helps in identifying and correcting dental problems in their infant stages.

    The proper way to brush your teeth

    Your teeth play a vital role in the digestion process; in fact, it is the first stage of the process. This process leaves traces of food in your teeth, which if left unattended forms plaque. Plaque promotes bacteria build-up, which causes cavities or gum disease. Plaque hardens over time to form tartar which is not pleasant to look at and can subject you to receding gums.

    To avoid the occurrence of these issues, you are advised to brush twice each day. It is also advisable to brush your teeth after every meal if it is possible.

    Good toothbrush habits

    When taking care of your mouth, your toothbrush is your best companion. To ensure that your teeth are, you should strictly adhere to these rules.

    • Replace your toothbrush every three months
    • Use a soft-bristled toothbrush
    • Don’t be aggressive when brushing your teeth
    • Avoid keeping your toothbrush in the bathroom
    • Don’t share your toothbrush
    • Use a dentist-recommended toothbrush
    • Brush for a period not less than two minutes

    Avoid smoking

    Smoking is known to cause a number of problems in your body. Gum recession is one of these problems and one of the often overlooked. Smoking tobacco products limit oxygen flow to your bloodstream. The effect of this is a faster gum recession process compared to non-tobacco smokers.

    Smoking has been found to cause yellowing of teeth and is also a significant contributor to the foul smell of your mouth. Managing your teeth while maintaining smoking can be an expensive affair; the best solution is to avoid smoking altogether. These are some of the tips that will help you quit smoking;

    • Seek support from people close to you (friends and family)
    • Set a date you want to quit smoking and be brave about starting the quitting process
    • Gradually reduce smoking and eventually stop
    • Develop habits that will distract you from smoking
    • Seek drugs that will help you quit whether prescription or over the counter
    • Use alternative smoking methods such as the electric cigarette, then gradually stop