• Dental Checkup
    July 8, 2019
    What Happens During A Bi-Annual Dental Checkup?

    It is important to see a dentist twice a year so that they can clean your teeth in an effective way that you aren’t able to undertake at home. If it has been a while since you last visited a dentist about your teeth, or you are curious of what happens inside your mouth when dentists clean it, there is often a routine that dentists do every time a patient visits them.

    If you are looking for a new dentist, there are Spruce Grove doctors taking new patients right at this moment. In the meantime, here is what you should expect during a typical teeth cleaning process.

    First and foremost, the dentist or another specialist would examine the inside of your mouth. If they see something out of the ordinary with your teeth, they should be able to fix it during the visit. If it would require more time, they would need to prepare to fix it for an appointment at a later date.

    Next, the dentist or specialist will check your gums to see if they are healthy. If they bleed by simply running floss through them, they have bacteria inside of them, and it will be harder to clean them. Bleeding gums is the most obvious sign of gum disease, also known as gingivitis. Be sure to floss once a day in addition to brushing twice a day.

    What may come next is an x-ray of your teeth. With a large camera, a machine will scan around your mouth so that you and your dentist can spot any and all problems emanating from inside the mouth. This machine does so with you having to bite on a sensor with light containing UV rays turn and shine towards your mouth so any details can be better seen in the x-ray.

    Following x-rays and examinations, your dentist or specialist will begin to clean. They will first use a scaler to remove plaque from your teeth and gums. Once the scraping is done, the specialist will use a high-powered electric toothbrush that is more powerful than any store-bought brush. After this high-powered brush comes a more thorough flossing to remove toothpaste and any other particles that have yet to be removed.

    In between multiple steps in the teeth-cleaning process, your dentist or specialist will give you a cup of water to rinse with. Swish this water around your mouth and spit it out in the accompanying funnel or sink. Rinsing your mouth will be ensure that no plaque remains in your mouth. You can drink whatever water is remaining in the cup, but do not swallow any water that you rinse with.

    Lastly, the dentist will apply a fluoride treatment to your teeth. This treatment will protect your teeth from decay for a number of months. You may get to choose which flavor you want this fluoride to be, such as cherry or mint. This is the final step in the teeth-cleaning process before you are on your way.

    Following the procedure, your dentist will give you a new toothbrush and a free roll of floss to use at home every day. You also might have the option to book your next appointment, either in six months or in the near future, should you have an urgent tooth problem that needs to be taken care of.

    There are many steps in the teeth-cleaning process from dentists, but it overall will take in between a half-hour to 45 minutes. These appointments are not a substitute for daily tooth care, so be sure to regularly utilize both to ensure a completely healthy mouth.