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We understand that the cost of dental treatment can be a significant investment.

At Garden Dental, we will work with you to help you achieve a beautiful healthy smile that fits your budget.

Fee Guide

We follow the 2021 Alberta Fee Guide, established by the Alberta Dental Association and College for basic as well as major treatment.

Direct Billing

We offer Direct Billing, which means that we will submit an electronic claim on your behalf, and get paid directly from the insurance company. In most cases, you will only have to pay the amount not covered by your insurance. It is important that you provide us with accurate insurance information before your appointment. 

Most insurance providers have chosen to follow the ADA+C Fee Guide, but some may only cover treatment according to their own, often reduced, fee guide.Our Patient Care Coordinators will work with you to determine your coverage. 

We accept most insurance plans, including:


Employee Benefit Plans, usually provided by your employer, such as Sun Life, Green Shield, Manulife, Great-West Life (Canada Life), Industrial Alliance, Desjardins, Alberta Blue Cross, Pacific Blue Cross, Manitoba Blue Cross.


Subscribed Benefit Plans, insurance policies which you enrolled yourself into, such as Alberta Blue Cross and Quickcard.


Government Benefit Plans, including NIHB, Alberta Child Health Benefits, Alberta Works, Alberta Adult Health Benefits, AISH, Seniors ABC & AHC, Veterans Coverage, and Social Services.​


We believe that everyone deserves a healthy smile, and that cost shouldn't prevent you from getting the treatment you need.

If your treatment is not covered by insurance, we will be happy to discuss financing options with you, including Dental Financing through Dentalcard.


If you are over the age of 65 and meet the financial criteria, you might qualify for the Alberta Dental Assistance Program for Seniors. Click here for more information.

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