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New Patients

We welcome new patients, and we appreciate our patients who refer friends and family to us.

Choosing a  dental provider is an important decision. We encourage you visit our office and ask questions. We are confident that we will earn your trust, and provide you and your family with exceptional dental care.

First Visit

During your first visit, we will  talk about your oral health goals, and any specific concerns or needs you have. We will review your Medical and Dental history, and discuss how it might affect your dental health.

We will do a thorough examination to customize a treatment plan for you.

This examination will include:

  • X-rays to identify any existing problems and to use as a comparison on future visits for any issues that we are monitoring.

  • Assessment of gum health.

  • Examination of  teeth for cavities and condition of old dental restorations.

  • Examination of the head and neck, including salivary glands and lymph nodes, for swelling or other abnormalities.

  • Oral cancer screening

  • Preventative dental cleaning with polishing and optional fluoride

We will customize a treatment plan for you, and help you schedule your next appointment. We will also discuss financial options at this time, and set up direct billing with your insurance carrier.

If you are anxious about dental procedures, we offer free consultations for sedation.

You will be given a customized take-home gift with products that will be most beneficial to you.

What we need for your first visit:

  • Completed new patient forms

  • Insurance card/information 

  • Dental records from your previous office

  • List of current medications, allergies and medical conditions

Click below to complete the forms and it will be sent directly to us.

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